If no butterfly were present at all in the earth, how monotonous nature would be. Indeed, butterflies are fairies or goddesses in the nature. I have been interested in the living creatures including insects since I was a boy. I have wandered in the fields or hills to seek butterflies.Great was my surprise and pleasure when I encountered rare or unexpected butterflies.
  Early in my boyhood I used to catch butterflies by a net and extended their wings on the wooden plates for the purpose of making specimens. Growing from a boy, however, I gradually became interested in butterflies living in the field.
  Later, when I was working as a neurosurgeon, on the other hand, I became interest in taking photographs of operative findings such as cerebral tumors or other pathological lesions of the central nervous system.
  One day, by the same procedure, I tried to take photograph a common butterfly in my garden. Since then, I have continued to photograph butterflies living in their natural surroundings for about 50 years as my hobby.
  In August of 1993, I wrote in Japanese a book on butterflies entitled Butterflies of Saga Prefectures, Japan, which was published by Saga Newspaper Company.   It has been 22 years since the publication. This time, fortunately, Saga Prefectural Library proposes to republish this publication in e-book. I am very glad to accept the proposal.
  Up to the present, 104 species of butterflies including migrated individuals have been recorded from Saga Prefecture since 1924. Among them, 80 species are shown in this e-book with brief explanation on individual characteristics.
  Besides butterflies found in Saga, I introduced butterflies, which encountered in other prefectures or foreign counties by showing photographs.
  In addition to these pictures, I included my essays on invertebrates. Reading this e-book, if you experience how wonderful the world of butterflies is, I would be very happy.
  Finally, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to several members of The Saga Insects Club for their giving me valuable information on the butterflies found in Saga Prefecture.
  Permission to use photographs and essays from Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, the Saga Medical Faculty, and the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Journal are gratefully acknowledged.

January 1, 2015
Kenichi Nishimura, M.D. , Ph. D.